US net broadcaster HULU is due to air a new British drama, the first independent commission by a HULU network from a UK production company.

The 10 x 10 minute drama series Interrogation Suite will be helmed by Nigel Levy, director of Emmy nominated docu-drama, through his company Leviathan Films. The show will be a co-production with the Los Angeles based HULU network TV4. Award-winning playwright and screenwriter Gary Mitchell will script the interconnecting thrillers.

Head of drama at HULU network TV4 Paul Duddridge : “We are excited to be bringing Interrogation Suite to HULU. It is being directed and written by a world-class creative team, who have devised an innovative concept with a depth and complexity that we are sure will resonate with audiences and the new ways they are choosing to watch on-line drama.”

Nigel Levy, Leviathan Films: "Leviathan is proud that Interrogation Suite is HULU’s first British drama commission. Working with a writer as gifted as Gary Mitchell means we are able to create a series of intense psychological dramas that work in multiple ways. They are compelling single psychological thrillers which together build to reveal the intense, high stakes psychological and physical drama involved in extracting information in an interrogation room. Working with HULU has allowed us to innovate both in terms of story-telling and in the ways we deliver these stories to a new on-line audience”.

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