Documentary and Drama-documentary
Nigel’s documentaries range across arts, science, history, natural history, biography and education. As well as pure documentary, he is also known for his work in high-end drama-documentary, including the Emmy nominated 'Titanic's Final Mystery', co-creating and series producing Fatal Attractions for Animal Planet and directing the recent 'Eight Days That Made Rome' for Five.

Early BBC doc credits include: Assistant Producer on the BAFTA winning series Troubleshooter - with Sir John Harvey-Jones, producer of the popular science series Tomorrow's World, and producer/director for the multi-award winning documentary series Horizon (Nova in the US) and The Language Master (BBC2). Nigel won the RTS Award for the documentary Short Circuit, again for the BBC.

Since leaving the BBC he has produced documentaries for the majority of global broadcasters in the UK, US and Asia, including Discovery Network, National Geographic Channel, NGCI, History Channel, Smithsonian, PBS, ITV, Channel 4 and FIVE. These range from exploring maths education in Hungary, to profiling the legendary Hong Kong star Jackie Chan and the Chinese actress and director Joan Chen (The Last Emperor).

As lead director on the multi-million dollar series Heroes of the Skies/Air Aces (Discovery, FIVE) he staged air battles using period WW2 Spitfires and Hurricanes, combined with CGI and period drama, to tell the stories of some of the greatest combat pilots of all time. Previous productions include Disaster for the BBC, and Human Prey for Discovery and Animal Planet, employing underwater photography and stunt work with animatronics and CGI.

Nigel's in depth knowledge of story-telling has led him to work on a number of documentary projects - both for cinema and TV - solving story problems and bringing them to completion. He recently wrote and post-produced the latest BBC documentary voiced by Sir David Attenborough and has written a major IMAX 3D natural history documentary for global cinema release.


Formula One series - Netflix
Series Editor. Delivering this 10 part series on F1 to Netflix, working with the Oscar winning producers of Senna and Amy.
Box to Box - Netflix - Dec 2018 into 2019

Sunderland 'Til I Die - Netflix
Series Edit Producer.
I helped refine the story-telling across a number of episodes, bringing unifying themes to the series and developing techniques which allowed the people of Sunderland, the players and staff to tell their own story.

Sports Illustrated:
“The beauty of the documentary is how it balances drama with simple touches of humanity, and places regular people and everyday moments at the core of the story....Unlike previous team docuseries on the giants of world soccer, Netflix tells the tale of Sunderland's struggles with an emphasis on the supporter, giving us a tale of raw, human emotion and exemplifying what it means to not just support a club, but also emotionally depend on it.”
Fulwell73 - Netflix - Dec 2018

Lucy Worsley's Fireworks for a Tudor Queen

BBC 4 - March 2018

Eight Days that Made Rome

Prod/director 2x1 hours of major docu-drama series
October Films - FIVE - Nov 2017

The Real Jesus of Nazareth

4 x 1 hour. Series producer/director. Exploring the history behind the story of the real Jesus with the star of the Franco Zeffirelli TV series ‘Jesus of Nazareth’, Robert Powell.
Impossible Factual - Smithsonian Channel release 2017

YG and the Future of KPop
Feature documentary on the rise of KPop, featuring artists on the label YG Entertainment, including Psy, Big Bang and 2NE1. We discuss the rise of KPop and the role of social media and economic growth of South Korea.
Bang Productions - Korea/US release 2017

Pandas 3D
Scripted and post produced the 3D IMAX and TV documentary on the Chinese Panda breeding programme. Theatrical release.
IMAX, Sky 3D, Nat Geo Wild
Japan Wildlife Film Festival - Winner 2015
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival - Winner 2015

How to Win the Grand National
Writer/producer of the Channel 4 documentary supporting the Grand National.
RTS (Science/Natural History) - Nomination 2103

Meerkats: Secrets of an Animal Superstar
Scripted and post produced the David Attenborough voiced documentary for BBC2, telling both the story of a Meerkat family in the Kalahari Desert and the two decades of scientific research behind their elevation to TV stardom.

Finding Hallyuwood
Documentary about the burgeoning drama, film and music industry in Korea.
Asian TV Award - nomination 2013

Heroes of the Skies/Air Aces
Lead director on a big budget drama doc, telling the stories of the greatest combat pilots of all time. Filming original Spitfire and Hurricanes, combined with CGI, period drama and interviews with some of the last surviving pilots of the era.

Titanic: Case Closed
One of a series of three feature length documentaries, commissioned alongside an episode directed by James Cameron for NGCI.
EMMY - nomination 2013

Fatal Attractions
Co- created and series producer of the hugely successful 20-part series airing on US TV from October 2010-11, re-commissioned for third series in 2012/13.
Real Screen Factual Entertainment - nomination 2011
Genesis Award -
nomination 2011

The Da Vinci Detective
Writer/director of a feature-length documentary for Channel 4, following a revelatory forensic investigation into the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. Channel 4

The Language Master
Producer/director of an observational documentary looking into the life and work of a brilliant and controversial language teacher, Michel Thomas. The film was hugely popular, and led to Thomas becoming one of the most acclaimed teachers in the world. BBC

Horizon - Stone Age Columbus
An episode of the multi award-winning BBC science series, that looked into the claim that the first Americans came to the continent from Europe over 13,000 years ago during the Ice Age. BBC

Troubleshooter - with Sir John Harvey-Jones
Sir John Harvey-Jones looks at how the Navy will be able to cope with the new realities of facing Britain's Armed Forces. BBC

Crossings - Jackie Chan and Joan Chen
Nigel established the style for this biographical series, and produced its first two films on Asian film legends Jackie Chan and Joan Chen (The Last Emperor). Discovery Asia.

The Death of Leah Betts
This film was part of the BBC education series Short Circuit, and un-sensationally dealt with the death of Leah Betts from an Ecstasy overdose. BBC
RTS Education Award - winner 1997