Heroes of the Skies

A heavily dramatised, action packed drama-documentary telling the story of some of the greatest Air Aces. Period drama, dog fights choreographed with original Sptifires and Hurricanes, CGI, stunt work and the occasional explosion. This video focusses on the action and drama. We’ll shortly upload a clip featuring the remarkable testimony of some of the surviving pilots.

• Douglas Bader - Mark Stanley
• George Beurling - Adam Drew

• DoP - Mike Coles
• Editors - Colin Goudie, Steve Stevenson
•  CGI - John Moores, Block 4
•  Prod Design - Patrick Bill

•  Aerial Coordinator - Simon O'Connel
• Helicopter Mount - Aerial Camera Systems
• Sptifire Pilot - Paul Bonhomme
• Hurricane Pilot - Peter Vacher
•  Bulldog LMA Pilot - Ian Turney White